Emery EXP Explains the Web3 Phenomenon

What is Web3? Emery EXP says that to understand Web3, we first have to understand what web one and web two were. “We’d have to go back to the early days of the internet, to the days when we were building the infrastructure of the internet itself. That was when content was king and information was what web one was about. It was about minor interactions between the users and their internet, a world in which you didn’t do a whole lot more than just basic searches and looking for information. Those were the early days of the Internet, up until like the early 2000s.”

Emery EXP continues, “Then in the days of social media, everything changed, and web two came into the game. Social media was ushered in, and I’m not talking about MySpace; I’m talking more about Facebook, or Instagram, or TikTok. These were the days when social media was more advanced and became monetizable. People didn’t really make money off of MySpace. The only way you could make money off MySpace was to use it as a music platform. But the common person that used it couldn’t make money off of it.”

Today, it’s easier than ever to make money from social media. Everyday, people now can make money off of Tik Tok. They can make money off of Instagram, or Facebook, and so on. These platforms are set up for people to do this. You can sell your wares and everything that you have on those social media platforms. Web two was brought in by the social media days, days that allowed individual people to make content and make money off of social platforms. The internet became more interactive at this point. 

Emery EXP explains, “Now, the benefit of web two was also the downfall. Because it was no longer just directly information based, it became very content driven. Well, the issue with that is that all the content and all the platforms were being controlled by those with the most money, like the Googles, the Facebooks, and the Amazons of the world. They controlled an entire monopoly on all that stuff. So, there was a very small chance of competition for anyone else to break into the market.”

Because of the way that web two came about, Emery EXP continues, the internet was dominated by capitalism. “Social platforms are massively controlled by those people at your expense, at our expense. Your data is being sold to third party advertisers and companies, which is making these companies an ungodly amount of money. That’s where web two made the most amount of money.”

Now, what if Google wasn’t owned by the people that were investing into it as shareholders? What if, instead, it was owned by the people? 

Welcome to web three. Web three is the democratization of the Internet and is now being made into reality. Web three is owned by the users, Emery EXP says. “It’s powered by tokens. It’s powered by NFTs. It’s powered by the people that use it and empower it and buy into it to support each other’s individual sites and the like. Within web three, everybody will have a token, as will every website. Within web three, someone’s token can be on whatever chain it’s on, whatever site someone wants it to be on. And that site will be investable, so to speak.”

Emery EXP states, “Now, web three in its current form has some major flaws just like web two in the sense that in any form of capitalism, whoever owns the biggest number of shares is going to be the most powerful of the group. They will be voting and controlling shares within that. So, yes, the users control its value, but you vote with your dollars. By voting with your dollars, the large conglomerates of the world can still come in and control web three, which is why Meta is going to the metaverse because of its ability to get in early and outspend everybody.”

Hopefully, the democratization of the Internet rolls steadily on and maintains power in the hands of the people. 

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