Vivid Vision: Cosplaying Internationally

It all started when she immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong and found out there was a holiday called Halloween. Vivid Vision, as known on social media, loved it so much she began to do it more and more often. 

Then, she found out about a local anime convention where there were other cosplayers and fans. “From there, I realized that it wasn’t just local; these conventions were all around the world,” Vivid Vision shares. “I used it to record all the events and activities I attended, like a personal photo diary for myself,” she shares. “Eventually, I started to gain a lot of traction and new followers on my accounts because of the creative posts and modeling.” 

After a fan randomly messaged her asking if she sold signed posters of herself in cosplay, she realized she could generate income from her love of cosplay. Vivid Vision now travels internationally to do photoshoots and collaborations and attends numerous anime and video game conventions worldwide.

Because she continues to attend numerous anime and video game conventions worldwide, Vivid Vision has had to increase the number of costumes she makes and the number of posts on her social media accounts. “This led to increased growth for my socials,” she explains. “When I hit the 70k follower mark on Instagram, that was my magic number, and things just started to take off.” She’s observed that every year after that, her follower base has doubled. “When I reached the 70k mark, sponsors started to reach out to me,” she maintains. “Other influencers started to reach out to me to work on collaborations, and that definitely helped to share and expand our audience base.

She continues to travel once every few months, and now that conventions are starting up again, she anticipates that her cosplay travels will be ramping up. 

As a traveling cosplayer, her main goals are collaborating with other cosplayers, creating new content, and meeting her fans. She mainly travels within North America for conventions in California, Texas, and some eastern states. She also travels to Canada for conventions in her Province, Alberta, and Vancouver, and Toronto. Vivid Vision also attends conventions in Europe and Asia like Singapore, China, Japan, and Malaysia.

“It’s like a business trip,” Vivid Vision explains. “I usually set up photoshoots beforehand with the other creators, cosplayers, and photographers to prepare and plan. There are many intricate parts involved in cosplaying, and each piece takes a great deal of time to perfect. “I research potential cosplays I’m interested in, procure the materials, and then figure out production time, ”she explains. “We then design our costumes, plan our poses, and decide on locations.” She also produces video content with the other cosplayers, featuring costume creation and the events she attends. 

So, how does Vivid Vision generate enough income to travel internationally as a cosplayer and Influencer? “I currently make all of my income pursuing my passion of cosplay and as a social media influencer,” Vivid Vision shares. “I sell my cosplay photo books, posters, and digital photosets.” She visits anime, videogame, and comic book conventions where her fans come for a meet and greet. “I am so grateful when fans invest in me as this reimburses the cost of the trip,” Vivid Vision shares. 

There are several ways to make your dream of traveling internationally a reality. She suggests fan subscription platforms and creating content for consumers. “You could also make ad revenues with YouTube,” she explains. Vivid also works with sponsors either online or at events to promote products and services. 

Vivid Vision went from being a hobby to a full-blown brand and career. “I’m always very grateful for these wonderful opportunities that are happening in my life,” she states. “I truly believe you can manifest the things you want in life.” She hopes that her story will influence others to follow their dreams of traveling internationally.

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