Paying off Debt and Preparing Future E-Commerce Success

Life is expensive. 

Inflation is increasing rapidly, and wages aren’t generally keeping up. For most people, especially younger people, a single job isn’t generally sufficient to sustain a comfortable lifestyle.

For example, over the last decade, the average cost of a college education has increased by more than 25%. But wages haven’t even come close to the same rise.

This is a terrifying reality for many young Americans facing an uncertain future weighed down by debt. In our fast-paced, oversaturated world, it is easy for young Americans to become disoriented on the path to financial independence.

Eric Walsh, the CEO of Genius Academy Automation, which creates passive income for its clients, recalls one of his first customers, a recent college graduate who was trying to pay off his student debts. “He was $70,000 in debt,” Eric explained. “He came to me for help in figuring out how to pay it off quickly. He already worked fifty hours a week and had a small family, so he couldn’t take on another job. I briefed him about passive income and we talked over several alternatives. He didn’t want to pursue real estate since he didn’t have the time to keep up with any properties. He wanted something easy that might create regular income, so I asked him if he would consider having me build an e-commerce business for him. That made sense to him, and we began. Within a few months, he was receiving passive money, which he utilized to pay off his student loans more quickly.”

Eric has assisted numerous individuals in increasing their college savings. “My team and I will begin by aiding you in the formation of a legal LLC for our clients. We go online to Amazon Seller Central and Walmart to set up your seller accounts after the paperwork is completed. The exciting part, of course, is picking what to sell. We take this extremely seriously since what we pick for you may make or ruin your business. We seek items that sell well on a continuous basis.”

Eric’s team handles order fulfillment after the client’s listings have been developed and optimized. “Amazon deposits the funds into your Seller account. The funds are subsequently sent to the account of your choice. We ship the orders, handle all customer support, and manage every element of the business from start to finish. The client contributes capital to the firm, and we transform that capital into profits.”

Eric offers a digital masterclass called the Genius Academy that tells customers precisely how he developed a seven-figure eCommerce business for individuals who want to handle things themselves and be more hands-on. “It will expedite all of the tips, techniques, do’s and don’ts that I spent eight years studying and literally tens of thousands of dollars honing. When you deal with a recognized professional like me, you can be certain that your hard-earned money is being put to good use.”

Eric’s e-commerce career began when he dropped out of college at the age of 21 to launch his first business: a basic mobile phone cover kiosk in a mall. Eric’s firm has grown to fifteen stores across Northeastern America within a few years. Even after becoming a Papa John’s franchisee (and overseeing numerous other profitable businesses), Eric’s biggest break came in 2013, when he began selling items on Amazon. He was able to transform $1,000 worth of items into a successful seven-figure firm in only a few years.

Walsh emphasizes that gaining financial independence is a long process, but the consistency of his passive income model will produce consistent results, and the client’s wealth (and capacity to support themselves) will rise over time.

With an average student debt burden of approximately $32,000, it appears that young Americans are in greater need than ever of a regular, productive way of generating passive income that would relieve financial strain and allow them to live a richer life. Eric’s tried-and-true e-commerce strategy is especially tempting to individuals wanting to get out of debt but without the time or business understanding to do so themselves. Those that follow Eric’s advice toward their own e-commerce success will eventually be rewarded with the comfort and stability they desire.

Eric Walsh is always happy to provide value any way he can. To get to know him, check him out on Instagram @askericwalsh and give him a follow. Networking with Eric is a great way to learn more about e-commerce and the rewards of passive income.

Editorial Staff