Montana’s Christian Baker Is More Than a Marketer, But Not Less

If you want to know about what Montana’s Christian Baker has accomplished as a company builder, you might ask him.

Except he’s so humble, he’ll probably change the subject.

So, we’ll tell you.

A few examples of what Christian Baker and the Vexillum Group, the advisory firm he leads have recently been able to achieve:

They grew a company’s sales team to 450 in 3 months, and then over the next 18 month grew this sales team to 18,000.

They’ve consulted with top tiered firms and executives on customer lifecycle, process and helped fill gaps.

They helped a five-person sales team sell $10M+ in revenue for a very tough product in 18 mos. And this was with no social media or online sales whatsoever.

They sourced a “business in a box” for health products, including helping find the best formula maker, best manufacturer, logistics shipper, packager, customer service, and so on.

Christian Baker and Vexillum Group are uniquely positioned and equipped to help companies navigate the incredibly complex world of growth and scaling and marketing relying on immense experience building healthy companies. They care about helping companies build a consistent, powerful sales process that’s scalable and systematic. 

Christian and Vexillum are invested in creating for their clients a strategic support system so that when they’re ready to market, they’re equipped to serve customers at scale. As a Founding Partner of Vexillum Group, Christian has led high revenue growth, profit achievement and talent development for many clients.

Christian carries more than 15 years of experience in business development and executive leadership, Christian has grown his client’s portfolios to over $2 billion in sales and acquisitions across diversified industries and companies. Christian Baker has been training sales teams for a variety of companies for years, and has helped one company after another build a sales organization that builds a powerful backbone to their products.

Managing growth has been a challenge at times.   We turn down far more business than we take on as we remain committed to not helping “just anyone” but instead helping the right projects get the right attention and optimization they require to reach their business goals,” Christian explains.

A large part of what Christian and Vexillum do is help companies solve their key infrastructure needs so that they’ll have the right processes in place to take care of their existing customers while they market themselves to acquire new ones. Christian has an incredible ability to see what businesses need in order to grow, and he helps guide the right steps for a leader to get there.

“We are the marketing and sales arm for funded, operational companies that have not taken advantage of all the marketing opportunities out there. Most $2-10M companies have built sales from internal processes, once you bring in a focused & experienced marketing team to optimize online efforts, the sales growth skyrockets.”

Outside of work, his passions are with his family and friends, including his wife of over 20 years, their children and grandchildren. 

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