Former Music Producer Once Aimed to Achieve Grammys: Now Grammy Producers Are Aiming To Wear His Patented Headphones

Creating music is an art and science of the highest order, from the initial inspiration of what might be the perfect melody, harmony, rhythm to the subtle nuances of mixing and mastering sounds that have been produced, to the point of perfect balance and fidelity, when heard through any speaker.

Music production and consumption have exponentially evolved over the history of audio recordings. Today, advanced mixing and mastering techniques bring each nuance of sound to life in ways that had previously not existed. Every element of timber of the human voice, the strain of a guitar string, or the pulse of the drum can be brought to life in ways that are virtually as vivid as having the instrument in front of you. 

That same inspiration is part of what inspired Dome Audio’s founder, Ben White, to create the “ultimate listening experience” realized in the D4 headphone. Why? 

As a music producer with decades of recording experience on the one hand, and an equal amount of experience as a Neuro-Bio Feedback Practitioner on the other, he was primed to see new and innovative ways to improve upon headphone technology, which has not changed, in terms of its basic design and function, in more than a century.

Dome Audio offers music lovers a new way to hear and feel the music through bone-conduction technology, allowing the ears to remain open to absorb environmental stimuli while experiencing the music we love.

Finally, the disruptive Intellectual Property of Dome Audio is opening a new lane for the headphone industry to catch up and perhaps surpass the fantastic advancements we’ve seen in the recording and audio technology industry.

Dome D4 headphones offer a new option of connectivity and productivity via their open-ear listening capability. Whether this involves public commuting and travel, remote work, homeschooling, collaborative work, and the list go on, Dome’s technology is the upgrade in the listening experience the headphone industry has been desiring for decades.

5x Grammy Award-Winning Producer and Engineer, Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor, (center). Billboard cited Di Genius as one of the top producers who brought dancehall back to the mainstream, noting his work on Drake’s hit song “Controlla” off the multi-platinum selling album.

Ben explains, “Sounds streamed through conventional headphones create an inherent disconnect from the environment.” Dome headphones offer a balance between what you’re listening to and ambient sounds around you.”

Dome Audio’s founding team, Ben White and Tim Wright explain:

“The basic function and design of the conventional headphone have not changed since Nathaniel Baldwin invented it in 1910. After more than a century, a revolutionary headphone has emerged by Dome Audio.”

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