Ember Capital Group Helps Sellers Offset Moving Costs

What happens when you’ve sold your home, but can’t afford the moving costs?  Ember Capital Group has the answers!

Ember Capital’s team understands moving can be costly.  You want to allocate some money to make your new home your own.  As a result, moving costs can get in the way.

Ember Capital Group is able to reimburse sellers for local moving costs, allowing them to invest in their new properties or other priorities.

CEO Shawn Surani shares how he and his team are able to help clients benefit by working with Ember Capital. “We are pleased to pay for sellers’ moving costs, enabling them to fulfil their dreams.” he says.

It is a great time to sell your home with Ember Capital Group.  Their team of highly trained specialists are passionate, flexible, innovative and ready to serve.

Ember Capital Group is currently hiring and is looking for top level individuals to contribute across all departments in their company


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