Exquisite Aesthetics is Transforming the Beauty Industry

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Most beauty routines include concealing imperfections, eyebrow darkening, eyelash thickening, lip lining, etc. If there’s a new product or trend, you’ve probably tried it. What if there was a way for you to get ready and not feel the need to use corrective makeup? That’s the goal of Exquisite Aesthetics founded by Shawny Ellsworth. Shawny has refined her skills by becoming a licensed esthetician and permanent cosmetics/paramedical tattoo artist. She wants other women to radiate from the inside out and believes Exquisite Aesthetics’ services can make that fantasy a reality. In an industry where there’s a product to correct every imperfection, the Exquisite Aesthetics team wants to transform men and women from the inside out. It’s time that cosmetic services offer lasting results. 

Skin imperfections are one of the most complex issues that people face. Whether it’s acne, stretch marks, scars, or a need for complete rejuvenation, the Exquisite Aesthetics team can improve it. There is no cream or serum that can do what a permanent cosmetics/paramedical tattoo artist can. The services offered at Exquisite Aesthetics are unique and tailored to the client. The team proudly offers microblading/3D semi-permanent eyebrows, scar and stretch mark camouflage, skin rejuvenation micropigmentation, areola repigmentation restoration, scalp micropigmentation, and HD lymphatic detox and body sculpting. 

As impressive as the services are, the staff is just as impressive. With licensed professionals, the team at Exquisite Aesthetics ensures you are comfortable and cared for from start to finish. “We want clients to feel knowledgeable in the services we provide,” shares the Exquisite Aesthetics team. “Our goal is for customers to know what to expect from the moment they step foot in our studio. Then, we take it from there.” 

This is quite a different experience than the one you would get from a representative at any major beauty retailer. You walk into the store and are immediately bombarded by staff trying to sell you overpriced products that won’t deliver results. The truth is, women are tired of the “pushy” nature of the beauty industry. Exquisite Aesthetics is familiar with the exhaustion. They refuse to be pushy with clients and instead promote beauty education and transparent pricing. Each service is clearly priced on their website so customers are prepared financially for their appointment. Financing options are also available. Clients can ask as many questions as they need to and receive personal recommendations based on their concerns. “This is a rapidly growing field,” shares the Exquisite Aesthetics team, “but we refuse to sacrifice care for our community of clients along the way.” 

Exquisite Aesthetics genuinely cares, because founder, Shawny Ellsworth, knows what it is to struggle with confidence. “I dreamt of opening this business at the age of 16,” Shawny shares. “I had skin struggles, but being a medical/cosmetic tattoo artist has changed my life. In return, I’ve been able to change the lives of so many.” The Exquisite Aesthetics team has perfected their craft and is ready to share their secrets with others. 

The Exquisite Aesthetics Training Academy is one way they accomplish this. Students can apply for multiple courses and be trained in all the services Exquisite Aesthetics provides. Whether they choose group training or individual apprenticeships, students receive quality materials and hands-on experience from licensed professionals. Currently located in Redondo Beach, CA, the Exquisite Aesthetics team has also been requested in Sacramento and New York City. Clients travel from all over the country to be trained in Exquisite Aesthetics’ services. “We’ve trained people to become medical tattoo artists all over the world- in the US, China, Thailand and Jamaica,” shares the Exquisite Aesthetics’ team. “Not only do students receive the best training, but also the best products. They get everything they need for the before and after care of their future clients.”

Clients of Exquisite Aesthetics will also find the process effortless from start to finish. Once they are ready to book, they can simply log on to the website, complete a contact form and confirm their appointment with a specialist. It’s that easy! No more pushy sales clerks, no more uncomfortable sessions with a beauty rep; just a service that’s focused on you, the client! “We will discuss service options, payment, provide personal recommendations, and more before meeting a person,” shares the Exquisite Aesthetics team. “Then once we’re through, you’ll be glowing from the inside out.”

Are you ready to wake up and try the natural look? With Exquisite Aesthetics services, you can do just that. This team has refined their artistry as licensed aestheticians and permanent cosmetics/paramedical tattoo artists. Exquisite Aesthetics wants other women to feel confident from the inside out and believes their services will make those fantasies into a reality. Where there’s a product to correct every problem, the Exquisite Aesthetics team wants to transform the beauty industry, one client at a time. 

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