A Glass of Vintage Hertelendy by Hertelendy Vineyards

Wine-making comes second to breathing for Ralph Hertelendy, who boasts a rich family history in the industry stemming as far back as the eighteenth century. With generations of wine-making in his ancestry, it was only natural for Ralph to follow in his generational footsteps and establish what Hertelendy Vineyards is today.

Located in Napa Valley, Hertelendy Vineyards has taken every advantage of the land in order to ensure the quality of its wine. Sourcing materials beyond its own grounds, Hertelendy uses Napa Valley as its playing field. The volcanic ash-rich soil is responsible for the distinct earthy taste of its red wines, and the grapes for its Russian River Valley Chardonnay hail from the esteemed Ritchie Vineyards. With the insight to establish good locations, Ralph’s resident area is a direct contribution to his wine production tactics. In order to ensure proper draining, Hertelendy utilizes rocky terrain to aid in the growth of its grape vines. These growing conditions alone contribute vastly to the quality of Hertelendy wine which so many worldwide critics have come to enjoy.  

The wine industry has seen a substantial amount of growth; however, with each newcomer, the competition among wineries has increased as well. A quality bottle of wine has never been more accessible, and Hertelendy knows that. By directing focus onto a side of the wine industry that hasn’t been completely explored, Hertelendy Vineyards’ efforts to set itself apart from the competition has shown to be fruitful. To establish a strong clientele, it maintains the focus of its audience through the practice of memberships and clubs. Implementing this level of exclusivity, Hertelendy brings luxury back into wine. 

Patrons commence on the path of becoming members as they accumulate points through wine purchases. Under the Lux Club loyalty program, wine lovers are able to access certain benefits enjoyed by club members. By opening this window of opportunity, Hertelendy offers a sip of the rewards that a membership with Hertelendy can provide.

The next level up is the Classic club membership. Having the access to all Hertelendy has to offer, a Classic membership is a wine connoisseur’s dream. Grandfathered pricing at ten percent off is just one of the perks of being a member. With access to a variety of wine, patrons get to enjoy six bottles of wine, twice a year. Making available the best that the spring and winter seasons have to offer, patrons are given the opportunity to taste wines that only members are privy to through complimentary wine tasting. As Classic members, patrons get to experience wine like never before. 

Elite club membership takes the Hertelendy experience to the next—and highest—level. In addition to all the benefits of the Classic members, patrons of the Elite membership are invited to a new approach to wine. In addition to grandfathered pricing of fifteen percent off and enjoying twice the amount of wine, Elite members are granted access to exclusive wines, crafted in small, limited batches. Elite members are welcome to indulge in Hertelendy’s library of vintage and large format wines that are otherwise only available at charity auctions. Elite members will feel as if they have their fingers on the pulse of the wine industry.  

Hertelendy Vineyards has obtained numerous accolades since its creation in 2016. It won Gold at Texsom and Best in Class at Sunset International Wine Competition, but even with these wins under its belt it continues to strive for new heights. As more advancements are made within the wine industry, Hertelendy brings a sense and taste of tradition into its wine production. Just like his great uncle Gábor Hertelendy did, Ralph Hertelendy wants to preserve the elegance and magic that comes from enjoying a glass of your favorite high quality wine. 

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